My boyfriend Jörgen is my main competitor for some quality net time - he´s also my life companion and love of my life! Photos here!

Jörgen works as a janitor. He was a beginner at the computer not long ago, but has been an excellent student and has now created his own homepage. Jörgen loves sports and is very athletic himself. He plays basketball, floorball, golf, tennis, soccer and almost anything else you challenge him to do. In the summer he enjoys fly-fishing, the beach, barbeques with dart and plenty of cold beers!

Find more photos of Jörgen here!

Some of Jörgen´s favourite bookmarks are:

Shania Twain - the oh so beautiful girl with the great country voice.

Demi Moore - need I say moore?

Frölunda Indians - (S) the best hockey team in Sweden according to Jörgen. Dare I say that there are quite a few of us not agreeing with this.

The First Pernilla Wiberg Site - the world champion on skis - and a pretty face too. - the Swedish site for golfers.

We´re starting up on Jörgen´s own homepage - check it out!

Valentine´s Day page HERE.


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