1973, Bantam

Susan Harris lived in a self-imposed seclusion, in a mansion featuring numerous
automated systems controlled by a state-of-the-art computer.  Every comfort was
provided, and in this often unsafe world of ours, her security was absolute.  But now her
security system has been breached, her sanctuary from the outside world violated by an
insidious artificial intelligence which has taken control of her house.  In the privacy of her
own home, and against her will, Susan will experience an inconceivable act of terror.
She will become the object of the ultimate computer's consuming obsession:  to learn
everything there is to know about the flesh...

1997, A. Knopf

 A catastrophic plane crash. three hundred and thirty dead, no survivors. Among the
 victims are the wife and two children of crime reporter Joe Carpenter. One year later Joe
 learns of a secret survivor of the crash: a woman scientist carrying something stolen from
 a government laboratory. He sets out to find the woman and the truth, and becomes the
 target of shadowy and powerful adversaries. Sole Survivor unfolds at a heartstopping
 pace as a desperate chase and a shattering emotional odyssey lead Joe to a truth that will
 force him to reassess everything he thought he knew about life and death. Haunting,
 furiously paced, and certain to be Dean Koontz's biggest best-seller yet.

1996, A. Knopf

Tommy Phan is a thirty-year-old Vietnamese-American detective novelist living in
Southern California, and a chaser of the American dream. He drives home his brand-new
Corvette one day to discover a strange doll on his doorstep. It's rather like a rag doll, but
is covered entirely with white cloth, having no face or hair or clothes, little more than a
doll blank. Where the eyes should be, there are two crossed stitches of black thread.
Five sets of crossed black stitches mark the mouth, and another pair form an X over the
heart. He brings it into the house. That night, he hears an odd popping sound and looks
up to see the crossed stitches breaking over the doll's heart. When he picks the doll up,
he feels something pulsing in its chest. Another thread unravels to reveal a reptilian green
eye-not a doll's eye, because it blinks. Tommy Phan pursues the thing as it scrambles
away into his house-and then is pursued by it as it evolves from a terrifying and vicious
minikin into a hulking and formidable opponent bent on killing him. THE DEADLINE IS
DAWN, the creature types on Tommy's computer screen, and in the hours that follow
with the help of a beautiful, strangely intuitive waitress he meets on the highway, Tommy
frantically flees this fierce enemy, desperate to discover what this thing is and why it's
pursuing him.

1996, A. Knopf

His name is Edgler Foreman Vess. He likes to make words from the letters of his
name- GOD, DEMON, SAVE, RAGE, ANGER, FEAR, FOREVER, are just a few of them-and then
make sentences of the words. One of his favorites, GOD FEARS ME, is sometimes the last
thing he whispers to his victims. Edgler Vess is a self-proclaimed "homicidal adventurer":
On this night, his adventure - murdering everyone in the house - becomes Chyna's long
nightmare. Trapped in Vess's deadly orbit, Chyna thinks only of getting out alive. But
when she inadvertently learns the identity of Vess's intended next victim, waiting for him
far from the Napa Valley, Chyna is gripped by concern for this other person, who is as
innocent as Chyna, and as endangered. Driven now by a sense of responsibility for
another, by a purpose and meaning beyond mere self-preservation, Chyna rises to
unexpected heights of courage and daring-her only hope as the threat of Edgler Foreman
Vess closes in and grows more horrifying moment by moment. Intensity unfolds over the
course of just twenty-four hours, but within that brief time frame, Dean Koontz gives us
what is perhaps his most inventive, emotionally intricate, and terrifying suspenseful novel