1988, Putnam

A storm struck on the night Laura Shane was borne, and there was a strnageness about
the weather that people would remember for years. But even more mysterious was the
blond-haired stranger who appeared out of nowhere - the man who saved Laura from a
fatal delivery. Years later - another bolt of lightning - and the stranger returned, again to
save Laura from tragedy. Was he the guardian angel he seemed? The devil in disguise?
Or the master of a haunting destiny beyond time and space?

1987, Avon

Rachel's request for a quick and clean divorce enraged her husband. She had never seen
Eric so angry, so consumed by pure and terrifying hatred. Then, in the heat of the
moment, Eric was struck down in a traffic accident. His death was instantaneous.
Shocked and relieved, Rachael had nothing left to fear. Until Eric's body disappeared
from the morgue - and Rachael was stalked by someone who looked like her dead

1987, Putnam

From a top secret government laboratory came two genetically altered life forms. One is
a magnificent dog of astonishing intelligence. The other, a hybrid monster of a brutally
violent nature. And both are on the loose. Bestselling author Dean R. Koontz presents his
most terrifying, dramatic and moving novel: The explosive story of a man and a woman,
caught in a relentless storm of mankind's darkest creation...


They're out there - Waiting, watching. Unseen by normal eyes, but all too visible to Slim
MacKenzie, a young man blessed-or cursed-by Twilight Eyes... They're out there -
Lurking in the darkest shadows of an eerie, moonlit carnival. Feeding their twisted needs
with human suffering. And fiendishly plotting the downfall of the human race... They're out
there - But don't scream. They'll hear you.