1977, Putnam

Don't close your eyes...He's watching you. He knows what you're doing. He knows what
you're thinking. He's coming after you. Don't close your eyes...He has a knife. The steel
blade gleams. Whenever you close your eyes, you can see it - the tip of the knife, pointing
at your chest. Don't close your eyes...He's closing them for you.

1977, Bobbs Merrill

Don't look down. Because you're trapped. With a beautiful, terrified woman. On the
40th floor of a deserted office building. By the psychopath they call "The Butcher." Don't
look down. Because he has slaughtered the guards and short-circuited the elevators.
Because the stairways are blocked, and for you and the woman with you, there's only
one escape route. Don't look down. Because 600 feet of empty space are looking back at you.

1976, Ballantine

A tidal wave of storms, cold, a psychopathic killer, sixty (ticking) bombs...Humanity's
continuous and sometimes futile battle against nature, makes this one of the most
suspenseful novels by Koontz.

1976, Atheneum

The fever is spreading. Seizing the men and women of Black River. Plaguing them with
night chills. Driving them to violent acts of rape and murder. The fever is spreading.
Designed by top scientists, and unleashed in amonstrous conspiracy-It's deadly spell can
unlock the most frightening potential of the human mind. the fever is spreading. The
nightmare is real. And death is the only cure...