Monica is my name, Mony for short. I live in Mariestad, a small town in Sweden, with my boyfriend Jörgen, our daughter Jessica and our cat Tasha. Me and Jörgen met in June, 1996. We moved in together a month later, and in September '96 we got engaged.
In May '99 we moved to a house after some crowded years in an apartment and our daughter was born in March 2000. In January 2001 we moved to a bigger house, a few km´s outside Mariestad.Now we enjoy a countrylike atmosphere and a large garden for our daughter (and lots more work for us!).

I work at SCA Packaging as an office administrator and purchaser, I´ve been there for 17 years. I have been a full-time mom for 19 months and returned to work in August 2001. Mainly I work with office supplies and different personnel activites.

In my freetime I enjoy working on my homepage, surfing, reading, watching movies, travels, being with friends, listening to music, pottering around the house and garden.

In my homepage I´d like to share some of my favourite occupations with you, which will also reflect some of my passions in life - travels, books, music, movies, penguins & other animals, and sports - and more! Also you can meet my family and check out awards and webrings.

Since this is a huge site, and I doubt you are interested in it all, I strongly recommend that you check out the Page Index, where all pages are listed by name, or the Description page, where I´ve given a short description of what´s behind my index pages. Happy surfing!

I´m a member of some clubs that I enjoy a lot. Wonderful friendships with lovely people. Visit my membership page to learn more - Membership Index.

I write for Epinions. I´d be very happy if you want to read and rate my articles. You can find them HERE.

I hope you will enjoy this homepage and share your thoughts with me through my guestbook.




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