Movies are the greatest! I love going to the movies, just the feeling of it - big screen, big sound! We also rent tons of videos or watch cable, almost as good. We watch almost anything - I love horror, space, thrillers, romance. My boyfriend loves westerns, actions and old movies. So most of it goes down. Our latest favourite is of course Titanic. What can I say - Wow!

Other favourites: All the Alien-movies, Star Wars, almost anything with Mel Gibson (could mention Braveheart and Lethal Weapon), Legends of the Fall, Gone with the Wind, Gandhi, Lord of the Rings, Forest Gump, Gladiator, Bridges of Madison County and many many more.

Check out my TITANIC page with some pictures and plenty of good links both to Titanic-related pages and to Leonardo diCaprio.

Below you´ll find some links to favourite movies and actors/actresses. Enjoy! And remember - in space noone can hear you scream.....

Check out more Movie Men HERE! You will find Mel, Brad, Leonardo and others there.


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