The Rockhopper
The Rockhopper
Penguins - the most adorable creatures I know (closely followed by cats, of course). Penguins has been a passion of mine since 1983, when I got a poster of a Rockhopper. Since then I have been collecting penguin items. And the Rockhopper is still my favourite!

Compared to others my collection is very small, but I´m truly fond of it and it keeps growing all the time. I buy what I can afford and what I like, most of my penguins are gifts. Presently my most treasured penguin item is a Martini glass with a hand engraved penguin, specially ordered for me; a couple of crystal penguins, a beautiful lighter and my flanel pyjamas. And I love most of the other stuff too!

To mention a few things - shower curtain, bathroom carpets, toilet brush, beer glass, bottle opener, soap dispenser, pencil sharpener, kitchen timer. Handmade clay penguins on rocks. Plush Pingus (and many other stuffed penguins). Five framed posters, one oil painting and one painting by a famous Swedish artist. T-shirts. Perfume, chocolate, soap tray, straw, toothbrush, pencil cup, erasor, note pads, tea mugs, fridge magnets. Lots of calendars, postcards, stickers and such. One day I´d like to take photos of my collection to display here.

A lot of the penguins are collected in one bookshelf, but I try to use many of them around the house. Both are bathrooms are full of penguins, the posters and paintings are up on the wall, the really expensive crystal ones are on a special display.

I love penguins! It´s as simple as that. To me they are a pretty fantastic creature in many ways, but mostly I probably love them because they are beautiful and cute. I can´t say I know very much about them - I look & I collect, that´s it. But if you have a look at my links, you´ll find plenty of pages with penguin facts. On the Internet I´ve found many friends with penguins as a common interest and a passion in life. If you collect penguins, you are not alone! There are so many collectors out there, if I should count by the number of mails and guestbooks entries I have gotten - and that´s only those who happen to stumble upon my homepage and take the time to write. In my own family I have two penguin collecting brothers (and one sister who collects frogs and my mom collects santas). My daughter has a real nice angel collection, but there´s of course no telling if she wants to keep saving those once she´s older.

Do I have a penguin dream? Yes. I´d love to go to Antarctica. I´m pretty sure I never will (expensive and cold), so I´ll settle for plan B - I´d like to be really close to a penguin, maybe even touch it. Another dream is to have one of the best penguin homepages on the Internet.....

In June -98 I finally got my penguin tattoo, something I wanted to do for a long time. It´s a Chilly Willy figure on my shoulder and it came out really great-looking. Photos HERE.

In May 1999 I wrote a little piece for school about penguins and my interest in them. It´s in Swedish. You are welcome to use parts of it if you like, perhaps some of it can help you in your school work. Download the Word file below.

Föredrag om Pingviner på svenska

To start you off, why not try my penguin desktop collection! You will find desktop pets, fonts and icons!


These are gifts to me from a friend, please do not take!


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Penguin bar from Vikimouse.