Love in the shadows of loves´ other side

Where is my love, where do you hide

Darkness and fears

Anguish and tears

What awaits me but the nightmares´ ride

I see you coming through a mist so dense

I worry, I fret, I am rigid and tense

Will he love me

Will he stay

For a love so blind I have no defense

Give me the strenght to hold my flag high

To keep on fighting and never to cry

Crying for you

Crying for me

Alone in my bed and I keep asking why

I was selected Featured poem of May at Net Poets Society.
A great honour, my thanks to you Ginny!

Some words about this poem after it was selected in May 1999:

"That was a very beautiful poem.  I loved it.
It carries the female perspective of feelings and emotions
so well.  It definately shows that you know and understand
what you're talking about. :)"

"Your imagery is wonderful in this poem. The capturing of the essence of the lost love, the engulfing pain, and the utltimate moving on.....  Oh I wish I could articulate better how I feel
about this poem..  It truly touched me..
 Really great piece..   "