I used to practise a lot of sports myself in "Korpen" (see below) - soccer, volleyball, floorball. Now - if I do anything - it´s some weightlifting in the winter and long walks. But I watch! Both TV and live. Especially I enjoy hockey, the Olympics and watching my boyfriend play. He sports everyday. Presently it´s golf, golf and some golf as well, but also soccer and floorball, and I watch him play or act caddie for him (those are my "walks").

"Korpen" means The Raven, but it´s actually a short for Corporation. This is where anyone can join, young and old, good and bad. But no pros! It´s a huge movement in Sweden and they have a lot of different sports to choose from.

I do voluntary work for Korpen in the "brännboll" section, arranging the tournament every year and acting as a referee. Keeps me occupied for some months every year. It´s fun, but being a referee is tough! One gets a lot of mean comments...
"Brännboll" is a bit like baseball, but more simple. One batting/running team vs. a catching team.

At work we have a sports group, of which I´m presently the chairman. We do lots of different sports, like soccer, floorball, bowling, boule, aerobics and lots more, most of it within "Korpen". The group together with the company sponsors fees, training facilities and some equipment.

I was brought up with a sports interest. My mother is a real sports freak. She watches everything, don´t try to call her during a hockey game or tennis match. The rest of my family is also genuinly interested, all are active in something and enjoys watching games.

April 1999 Update.
This summer looks very slow for "brännboll", not enough interest to get it going. So decided to do something else. Me and a friend will play boule. We haven´t really done this before, so we have no idea whether we´ll be among the better or worse. But it´s fun, it´s not exhausting and you get to meet people in all ages.

The best that happened this month is that my favourite Swedish hockey team became Swedish champions. Noone except us fans believed it, and it was great to say "I told you so"!
In May it´s time for the World Championships in hockey, one of the best sport events every year.

June 1999 Update
We´re playing really good boule for beginners, but we´re losing every game....It´s SOOO boring. Only two more matches to go, I´ll be pleased when it´s over. I hate losing!

May 2002 Update
After some years I took up boule again in a tournament at work. Me and my partner lost four games in a row, but one the last one. Never thought I could get so happy winning just one match! Otherwise I work out at the gym and looking forward to the Soccer WC starting soon.


Here´s a Sports Font for you to download - this is a zip-file:

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