My favourite author since more than twenty years. I constantly look forward to his next book. Somehow he never disappoints me!
I started with Carrie and was captured at once. Now my bookcase is pretty full of his work. I got his books in English (not the Swedish translations), and most of them are paperbacks (for financial reasons). I  therefor have to wait for the paperback edition to arrive, so I´m usually behind with the new stuff. I read Dreamcatcher (what a great book!) in April 2002 and next I will pick up Black House. I, among many others, hope that Mr King will share his extraordinary talent with us (His Constant Readers) for many years to come. I know he has said he will quit soon, but he has also promised that he has a lot of completed work to satisfy us yet for a while. And besides, I read the books over and over again, so they will definitely last me a lifetime. Thanks Mr King!

My favourite novel: The Stand
My favourite short story: The Raft
My favourite movie: The Green Mile

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Mr King will sign two books for you. Write to the address below to be added to the waiting list - currently you will have to wait for about 1 year. You will be notified when you can send your two books in. It is said that Stephen King sign about 100 books each month.

Stephen King
49 Florida Ave
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