Tasha was born sometime in September 1996. We don´t where, don´t know when. She was found outside my work in the woods, fiercy defending her sibling, who had frozen to death. Tasha herself was all skin and bones, and wouldn´t have survived the frosty night. No second thoughts - of course I took her home.

I held her in my arms for at least twenty minutes - that´s when she stopped shaking and hissing at me, and started purring instead. I had some cookies in my office, she ate them so quickly I was convinced she hadn´t had anything in her stomach for quite some time. I estimated her age to about five weeks and her weight to absolutely nothing.

In our home my other cat Shani took quite good care of her. It took us about a month to put some weight on her body, but she was on a vet-prescribed diet for six months until her tummy was finally OK. She is absolutely lovely now, but as a kitten she was irresistable. She´s all black with a white stomach and white paws, very long hair and a touch of elegance in her movements.Her tail is very thick and she often parades with her tail held high - like she´s on the cat walk....! By now she has totally taken over the household and is by far the most spoiled cat I´ve ever had. But very, very happy!

Every cat has its personality, so does Tasha. She´s so "doggy" sometimes. Follows us around from room to room (Heel), collect a rubber ball in her mouth and brings it back to us (Fetch) and lies down, streches out and rolls back and forth (Roll over).....She plays hide and seek with my boyfriend (I still haven´t figured out who enjoys it the most) - he goes into a room and hides, she sneaks up on him like he´s some prey. All in all, she still plays a lot every day, the kitten is still there even though she must be over 2 years by now.

Something about her, however, will never be quite right. She refuses to go outside. I´ve tried so many times, but she absolutely panics. The only answer I can find is her experience in the woods as a baby. Who knows.

Tasha always sleeps on my stomach. Streches out, rolls back and forth (falls down a lot). Shani is a bit annoyed - this used to be her place. But she has kindly accepted it and tries to be satisfied with my arm. It´s a blessing that I´m usually cold and loves it warm in the bedroom, they are two little heaters both of them.

Story to be continued.....


It´s now July 98, Tasha´s second summer. And guess what - she has actually been outside twice. The first time it went really well, the second time only for five minutes, but anyway, it´s a start. She also loves to be on the balcony with me.

March 99. All´s well. Tasha is still extremely playful, her favourites being rubber balls, fake mice and of course my boyfriend. Hide and seek is her absolute favourite. We´re considering moving to a house. Will be very interesting to see if Tasha will venture outside once we´re settled in.

May 99. We´ve moved to our house! We have a small background garden, and although she hestitated a bit, she went out right away. I keep her on a leash and she doesn´t venture far, but loves it. The move itself was sort of terrifying for her and it took about three days for her to settle. Now she´s perfectly content with lots more room to run and play in, stairs (something new!) and the garden of course. Tasha´s third summer has begun.

Decmber 99. Our little 3 year old cat still doesn´t understand that she´s grown up. She loves to play, everyday and for a long time. And almost with anything. Still enjoys going out for a bit, but she scares easily. A loud noise makes her run for the door. She likes the snow too. In February we´re having a baby (a human one), will be interesting to see how the cats will react.

July '00. Tasha is not very interested in the baby, if anything she is jealous, but she doesn´t go near the baby very much (where on the other hand Shani is very protective and cuddly). Tasha is still very playful and active, and very, very spoiled. She drives us nuts sometimes when she´s up to no good.

August '01. We moved to another house in January with a big garden. Tasha was terrified for about three days (Shani was a doll and comforted her the whole time). For the winter she stayed indoors a lot, but this summer...She goes out a lot, and quite far away. But she comes back quickly, she´s never gone for long. She is very afraid of cars and any sudden or loud noises. But she loves this new life! Can´t believe she´s almost five years old now!

January '02. Tasha is now a single cat in the household since Shani has been put to sleep. She handled it quite well, and is more or less the same cat she has always been. Perhaps a bit more cuddly. She is so much quieter than Shani, never begs for food. She is just there! Winter now, but she enjoys going outside for five minutes every day.

A new picture of my baby. Still loves to sleep in her basket.
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