Welcome to the listing of Winners of my awards!

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Separate pages for animal sites, see index HERE.

I´m on my third page of winners now. On each page there are 125 winners.
Winners of the Pooh awards are listed HERE.

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I have just reviewed all these links to see if they still work - some didn´t and has been removed. If you find that your page is gone, and you got my award, tell me your new URL and I´ll put you back on the list!

The yearly review has taken place, and quite a few links have disappeared. Let me know if you have been removed!

Two years have passed since my last review and many, many links have disappeared. I have checked my appr. 550 winners and have removed 190 links. Too bad! I have also done many random checks on sites, and if I can´t easily find my award, properly linked, I will also remove you from the winner´s list.

I have separated all the animal sites from here into separate pages. Easier for you to surf around, easier for me to update.
Index starts HERE.


THE WINNERS no 126 - 250
Beersy´s Corner of Cyberspace The Rongo Homepage Love´s Stargazer Geetha´s Homepage Ygg´s Garden
Shiryu´s homepage Shanna´s Pagina Under the sea Lissa´s Homepage
Kel´s Page Heaven Roswell Markel Homepage Tropical Dreams
Worlddream Institute for Astroenergetic Studies Mimm´s Mystical Realm Erin´s Cyber Pet Kingdom Sinead´s Place
Familie homepage de Belburgt Altergray´s Neitherworld De site van Jim Donkel Virtues & Angels We are brave, Your Highness
Themis Tarot Readings Heron´s Homepage Stardust Chika The Unlimited NC´s Outer Banks
Kolisia´s World Petras Urlaubswelt Smily´s Homepage Clio´s Angel Pages Sean and Sherri´s Place
Heather´s Pooh Page Women´s Rural Advocacy Programs Katya´s Heartland Homepage Devin´s Place Sarah´s Handball & Vizsla homepage
Little Curly´s Island Paul Davies Industrial Art Aikido-Kreis Köln Denise´s Universe O' Unicorns Les Choeurs de la Marjolaine
Drachenstein Enchanted My World The Pullins Shana´s Place
De Wegisweg Bob´s Potter-page Pinkelotje Snoops Place Linda´s Domain
D Filipino Connection Ewa´s Hemsida Audrey´s Family Aerial´s Page of Stuff Memorial
Dodo-Seiten Lionne´s Home Cyrill-Page Bienvenue chez Sylvia College of
Metaphysical Studies
Tea Bags Marcelo Sandpiper´s Nest My Heavens CPL Trish The funpage of Andy & Obi
Kelticas Hexenwelt Purple Passions Spring en de Groot Save the Light Chez Karell
Sunny´s Heaven Larson Tikes Homepage The Applejax Webpagez Cavy Heaven Nightmare
Kurr Splash Ron Jones Realty Tessans Värld Puppis kleine Welt zum Träumen SkyHawkFireHeart website
Tattoo & Star´s Homepage Liza´s Mel Gibson Page Resource Guide for parents Melissa´s Page Friendship
Special Olympics Massachusetts Woody Tyson´s Homepage Diane´s Country Homepage Microsoft Image Composer Petra´s Homepage
Christi´s Place Tommy & Pat´s Home Sue´s Remarkable Inspirational Site Sanne´s Homepage Hoi paardengekken
Online Kids Lois' Cute Site Oksana´s Webpage Lola´s Site My Cool T-shirt Page
Ria´s Stekkie L´Universe de Marielle Take A Bow Productions Hectas Gebäudedienste Totems
Class of 2003 Linas Hemsida The Harddirt Galaxy Noah & Darien The Multiverse
Christi´s Place Liz´s DHP Palace De Hobby-fokkerij Soprama Bolivia Zoog Disney
Bas Harenslak Homepage About angels Hannah´s Heaven New Hope Ministries Henrik´s Hjemmeside


Last updated May 18, 2002

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