Welcome to the listing of Winners of my awards!

Please visit my winners, they all have very nice sites!

I´m on my fourth page of winners now. On each page there are 125 winners.
Winners of the Pooh awards are listed HERE.

Send your award applications to me, check it out HERE.

I have just reviewed all these links to see if they still work - some didn´t and has been removed. If you find that your page is gone, and you got my award, tell me your new URL and I´ll put you back on the list!

The yearly review has taken place, and quite a few links have disappeared. Let me know if you have been removed!

Two years have passed since my last review and many, many links have disappeared. I have checked my appr. 550 winners and have removed 190 links. Too bad! I have also done many random checks on sites, and if I can´t easily find my award, properly linked, I will also remove you from the winner´s list.


THE WINNERS no 501 - 625

[family album] [cats corner] [the library] [animalia]
[penguin pen] [angel heaven] [graphics galore] [dolphin divine]
[entertainment centre] [the globe] [horror chamber] [awards] [rings]

Last updated March 12, 2002

Please take this pixie with you if you like! Remember to also grab the
certificate and the link.