Penguin graphics are a bit rare on the net - a lot of cats,
teddy bears and even cows, but not too many pengs.
To help you out a bit if you´re making a penguin page,
I´ve collected the penguin graphics I´ve found so far,
with credits where available.
I´ve also tried asking for penguins, it works sometimes.
If you find any nice penguins out there, please let me know!
I´m especially looking for backgrounds and background sets.

My Links:

Penguin Graphics
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Penguin Icons & Buttons

Penguin Animations
now 18 pages!

Penguin Bars

Christmas Penguins

Here are some who have one or more
penguin background in their collection:

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Cynthia´s Page
Web Concoctions
Miss Monica´s Dreamland
Kristina´s Penguin Clipart
Anitas Bilder
Just Heavenly Folk Art & Friends
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Graphic Garden


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Iceberg picture from Frog Creations, where you can
buy a t-shirt with this motive.