Visit some great places with me!!!

Travelling is one of the best things I know to do - and nowadays it happens much too rarely. But I have been to a few fantastic places on this earth and I invite you to join me on a virtual trip through some hot links! The world is a very small place these days and with the net it´s even smaller. E-mail for one thing is great, so please write!

Be sure to read a bit more about my hometown Mariestad and there are also some pictures!

And what are my favourite places so far, you might ask? Well, I think almost every place I´ve been to has its own charm, whether it´s nature, people, the weather or just the beer, BUT - some no. 1 spots are:

San Francisco
Hong Kong

ATC - Australian Tourism info to a truly a GREAT place!

Lonely Planet - best travel books ever (and the books are still far easier to travel with than a computer).

Greece - where it all began - I like this page, lots of good information.

Santorini - island of your dreams - a nice Swedish homepage about Santorini, truly a dream island.

Sjötorp - Vänerns Smögen - (S) A trip around areas not far from my hometown.

Mariestad - (S) My hometown. More about Mariestad HERE!Photos as well!

Strömstad -  A Swedish town on the westcoast, very popular during the summers. The maker, Martin, takes excellent photos. You can get some great wallpaper here, and also see how beautiful Sweden can be!

Skidguiden - (S) A good site about skiing in Sweden - however in Swedish.

Golden Gate Bridge - a close look at a beautiful bridge.

Virtual Tour of San Francisco - what a way to travel!

Royal Court of Sweden - see who they are! Excellent page. Also available in Swedish.

The White House - another really nice-looking page.

No shitting in the toilet - really funny Aussie site with travel experiences from around the world. - a very nice site with great pictures from a stay in Greenland by a Dane.

WebCam Earth - 100 active cams from all over the world, taking a picture every 20 seconds.

Earth View - see the entire earth from satellite - zoom in, check out the weather etc.

Joyce Easton - several cams over Niagra Falls, California, Florida and more.


Updated 2002-02-07