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Pygocelis (Brush-tailed Penguins) & Megadyptes

The Chinstrap Penguin
(Pygocelis Antarctica)
Lives in the Antarctic peninsula, a stiff-tailed penguin.
Height 75 cm (30''), 4,5 kg.
Breeding season October - February.
About 7,5 million breeding pairs and stable.

The Gentoo Penguin
(Pygoscelis Papua)
Lives in the antarctics, for instance on the Falklands.A stiff-tailed penguin.
Height 80 cm (32"), weight 5-6 kg.
About 320.000 breeding pairs and stable.

The Adelie Penguin
(Pygoscelis Adeliae)
Lives in Antarctica, a stiff-tailed penguin.
Height 70 cm (28''), weight 4 kg.
About 2,5 million breeding pairs and stable.

The Yellow-Eyed Penguin
(Megadyptes Antipodes)
Lives in New Zealand.
Weight 6 kg, height 75 cm (30'').
Breeding season in September - March.
Only about 5.000 breeding pairs left and threatened.

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